SalemSystems offers a variety of services that can be adapted to your project needs and deadlines...

Design Research
How can you reduce risk and increase team efficiencies?
SalemSystems can help you manage new products and processes by providing information on stakeholder attitudes, motivations, and work patterns.

Field Studies
Focus Groups
Stakeholder Analysis
Participatory Action Planning

Human System Design
How can you ensure that your products, processes, and policies are linked to the operational needs of your stakeholders?
Our systems approach looks at humans in context, defines measurable outcomes, and delivers actionable recommendations.

Product Strategies
Communication Strategies
Change Management Strategies
Organizational Processes

Process Testing
How do you know you are achieving what you want?
Our testing and evaluation services can help you evolve your designs and measure your impact empirically.

Usability Tryouts
Benchmark Tests
Communication Audits
Scenario Simulations

How can you improve organizational performance and employee satisfaction?
SalemSystems offers a variety of workshops to help teams learn how to innovate and communicate more effectively.

Human Centered Design
Strategic Planning
Strategic Communication
Managing Organizational Change
Participatory Problem Solving
Business and Technical Writing
Information Design