SalemSystems works across a wide range of industries...

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Web and branding strategy, business research, content needs analysis

USMC Expeditionary Energy Office
Ethnographic and qualitative research leading to a model and solutions for energy efficiency in the Marine Corps.
Change Management system

Labor and Industries (WA State)
Strategic planning, user research, and content modeling of their web site

Access Washington
Strategic planning, training, user research, and user and content modeling for the Washington State portal

Bellevue Utilities
Strategic planning, user experience, and usability testing of the City of Bellevue's Utility web site

MIST (Multimodal Information Sharing Team)
Stakeholder research, collaborative action planning, requirements generation for information sharing systems

Department of the Navy, Task Force Energy
Stakeholder research on implementing energy conservation in the Fleet Forces
Department of the Navy, Manpower
Research on the impact of Millennials on the workforce

US Joint Forces Command
Strategic planning, training, and research on improving strategic communication with external stakeholders.
Change Management and Strategic Communication workshops

Educational Systems
Center for Executive Education
Facilitate workshops in Strategic Communication, Strategic Planning, and Leadership

Education Forum©
Author of the IBM Web Forum for educational technologies

University of Washington
Developed and taught undergraduate and graduate courses in User Centered Design

Lectures and Workshops

Information Systems
Strategic planning, user research, and usability testing of a web interface for digital libraries

User research and interface design of an internal content management system for a national call center.

Labor and Industries Guidelines
Usability analysis and testing of state safety laws and guidelines

Nimble 1.0
Usability testing of an XML application for financial information retrieval

Seattle Public Utilities
Usage research, strategic planning, user testing, and design of their customer Internet

Cingular, Verizon Smartphones
User research and testing of smartphone software

Cisco My Agent™
Research and testing of instant messaging software

HTC Wizard™
Product testing of a new keypad for a windows CE smart phone

Product design of a control kiosk for automated media classrooms

Sparling control
Research and design of a touch-screen control interface for business presentation systems.

Mobile Computing
Research and testing of user interfaces, voice recognition system, and hardware for mobile and wearable computing.

Designed and tested teleconferencing, satellite, distance learning, and television broadcasting systems

Usability Labs
Designed and tested public and commercial usability labs.

Software & Web Applications
AT&T Wireless
User research and interface design of a web-based call center application

Teen Thrive
Product and funding strategy, product architecture, and user research for a social networking site for "green teens"

Getty Images
User research and usability testing of the companies portal

Med Data Inc.
Strategic research and product planning of a Client/Server application for documenting hospital emergency room services

Cisco Unity System Administrator™
Research, design, and testing of V1 and V4 of a Web administration tool for a unified messaging product (voicemail, email, and FAX)

Cisco Unity Active Assistant™
Research, design, and testing of a Web user interface for remote user configuration of a unified messaging system

Rabanco Services
Information design of a service web site

Seattle Police Department
Usage research and prototyping of emergency mapping software

Computer based training
Writing and photography for horticulture class on plant identification and dental hygiene

Gorilla, gorilla™
Filming, editing, and producing of a documentary on gorilla adaptation for the San Francisco Zoo.

Cisco Media Master™
Interface and icon design of V1 and V4 of a Web audio control panel

Cisco Unity Conversation™
Testing a telephone user interface for voice/email messaging

Research and testing of applications using natural language, speech synthesis technology, and speech recognition systems ©
Research and design of an educational Internet site for distance learning

Sony FriendFactory
Usability research on a web interface for an ecommerce virtual community
Usability testing of a small business web application for purchasing digital images
Usability training and testing for an online grocery store
Customer research, UI design, and usability testing for their business and consumer Internet site.

User assistance
Content© Help
Design, writing, and development of HTML help system for an image retrieval application

LUTE Guide ©
Writing and development of a print manual for operation, setup, and troubleshooting of video and usability lab facilities.

SAM Help ©
Management of the Online Help Team for a media kiosk
SAM ©Tutorial
Writing and development of a Web tutorial for operating mediated classrooms